Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Concert - I had a talk with an old friend today, it was really great! I've known him for about 15 years, back in the day when we started ballin together. He is older than me, and we hung out a lot back then. He was a decent baller who has decent range, good passing/vision, and some size. Off the court, he was a nice guy sometimes too much of a push over, and at times immature and irresponsible. This would irritate me because he is much older than me.

However, I spoke with him on the phone today and I am really happy to see that he is trying to put his life together. I ask God to give me a chance and use me to be a witness for Him. There are 2 times, that I regret in my life that I did to him though. It came from b-ball where I chewed him out because I felt he was not playing hard enough. I really regret those 2 times because I was a bad witness. I hope I can do better and that I have learned from my past mistakes.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crude - I can't believe there is a 20 cent difference from my house to the restaurant for gas. Thank goodness I still have my Speedy Q! When I say 20 cents, I mean my Premium is $3.54 and Regular at home is $3.74 a gallon. I guess LA-Farm Land has its uses.

In other news, as I keep getting letters of support from people. It really irritates me that people can't define the difference between, Missions trip, Outreach, and Field Trip. It is what it is, and now that the hunting season is done, time to go rocking some more.

I wonder if I can get a paycheck soon, puhhhhhhhhlllllleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee?

Fishing Season

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blue - So much to say but so lil time. Anyways, I've been blessed to be offered an ESL position at Falcon High this past weekend. I get to finish out the school year so at least I can be committed to something once again. I really hope and pray that this is the year that I get an offer from that district! What's funny is the teacher I work with is Mr. Nash's old ESL teacher. Man this has been a fun place to work at and I hope I can do the best I can so that I can get noticed.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Molly - So this past Sunday, we went to Golden Hoy for dim sum. I believe they are fairly new in the area, and got mixed reviews. We've been craving for some good dim sum because the last time we had that quality taste was in December when we went to Vegas. Well, after going to this place it looks like we'll still be waiting for quality dim sim.

Golden Hoy, flat out sucks at dim sum. First off, the prices are ridicuously high for example $3 for a small plate! Second, by the time the cart comes to you, the food is warm. We kept looking at each plate on our table to see if there was any smoke coming out of it. Third, if the cart never gets to us, Bon Bon and I had to go self-serve and bring the freaking food to our table. Fourth, they don't ran out of some key components to dim sum! How is that possible? Fifth, they also need to decide which type of philsophy on how to seat people instead of arguing with one another. Sixth, they need to not show that they are reserving old food to customers. Lastly, when we're writing the tip, don't stand next to us!

So my review is this place sucks, I think our chop suey place could make better dim sum. If not then I'd rather drive 3 hours to Toronto to get quality and cheap dim sum :) I can almost taste it now! Only a couple more months til we kick off the K13 Tour 2K8 to get some good eating.

South Field?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Meal - Yesterday, I had Fuddruckers with Daddy Moy for lunch. It was the first time I have ever ate there. Back in high school, I used to go there like almost every other day because it was the place to be. It helped that a lot of my friends worked there so I often visited and played video games and chatted with them. A couple of months ago, for Fung's going away dinner we went to Red Robin. Another burger joint that I never been to before. Personally, I don't like going to burger joints because I feel if I wanted a burger then I'd just order it at McDonald's or something. However, now going to both of these burger joints I have come to a conclusion that Red Robin is a lot better. Bottomless fries is a great way to get your money's worth, and if that does not do it then I recommend the Freckle Lemonade, unlimited refills of course :) The only other burger joint I can think of going is the way in the Dirrty Southgate to try their 6 pound burger. If someone goes with me, then what the G let's order their 139 pound burger that is now the Guiness Book of World Record Holder currently.